Design-oriented, innovative and sustainable.

We owe our leading position in the market to our capacity to comply with the customers´ requirements!

Though we build a few dozen machines a year - partly single units, partly whole filling lines consisting of various modules - there are hardly any machines that look alike. The reason being that the customer does not only get good equipment but exactly the kind of machine(s) which meet(s) his specific requirements, representing the most economic solution.

During the planning of a new machine or line, we do not only take the customers present situation into account but also the possibilities for development. Our machines are therefore built in a way which makes it easy to expand and upgrade the equipment. Investing in a SCHWERDTEL machine/ equipment is always a wise decision for the future.

Though SCHWERDTEL machines are not standard machines, they have all one thing in common: through our quality management we make sure that quality is controlled at every level. At SCHWERDTEL, high quality has always been extremely important. For us quality is more than just meeting various norms. Quality also enhances the profitability of a filling line, the scheduled delivery and the best relationship with the customer. In other words, quality for us is synonymous with complete customer satisfaction.

In order to meet these requirements and ensure the necessary service and performance, our staff is continuously trained. Our most valuable “Capital” is the sum of long years of experience which we use daily to support our satisfied customers.