Material Feeding Systems

Material Feeding Systems

S2-F Press for Emptying Rigid Containers

If you want to feed pasty products from pressure resistant containers.

Like e.g. printing inks, sealants and putty from mixing pans, then the press S2-F is the right choice. Your advantage, few parts in contact with the product, which means quicker product change over, less loss of material.

High hydraulic pressure guarantees high output at the connected filling system.

S2-M/PH Press for Emptying Rigid 100 Liter Container

If you want to feed pasty products from pressure resistant 100 liter mixing vessels.

Like e.g. printing inks, sealants and putty, then the press S2-M/PH is the right choice!

S6-F Drum Press


If you want to feed from 200 liter drums.

In this case we recommend a press type S6-F with pressure generated by hydraulic unit, or pressure generated pneumo-hydraulically type S6-F/PH.

The pressure plate moves into the drum and presses on the surface of the material.

The material is fed through an outlet hole in the pressure plate through a connecting hose to the dosing unit. The maximum feed pressure for both versions is 12 bar.


The drum press type S6-N for the application of hygienic and sterile material feeding, works on the same principle as the standard drum press (type S6-F).

Areas of application are the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Product contacted parts are executed in stainless steel.

The machine can be painted in a special varnish, which is accepted e.g. by the US food industry standards.

S6-H Pail Press

Do you want to feed from pails? Or do you want to feed from small mixing vessels with bottom outlet?

Then the S6-H is the perfect solution for your feeding problem!.

S11 Pumpe

Do you have products which cannot be pressed out?

Are your containers not round but rectangular, or of irregular cross section? Do you wish to feed from containers of any size? Are the containers not pressure resistant?

Then a Schwerdtel S11 type pump is ideal!

And for extremely moisture-sensitive products we recommend the pump type S11-S with rigid pipe connection.